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We are looking for retail spaces

We are looking for new premises for our stores
We are still looking for premises for our stores, both for rent and for purchase.

Types and sizes of spaces in demand
We can be very flexible when building our branches. We can reconstruct and re-accredit premises (change of use). Also, the size of the store is not an insurmountable obstacle for us. We are looking for premises from 800 m2, but even a store of 2000 m2 or larger is not a problem for us.

Preferred locations
Our preferred locations are mainly busy places in city centers or on the outskirts of exit roads with parking. The added value is always public transport stops, trains, etc. nearby and the possibility of parking.

Reward for premises
If you recommend a space that we like and we decide on it, we will pay you a commission according to the agreement. The amount of the reward depends on the attractiveness of the space and the amount of rent.

Cash payments
Card payments